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Civilian spectrums

The concept I have been working on for the past decade is Civilian Spectrum, in which every corner of the city has its own rhythm, and in every constructed tempo, the identity of a new city emerges.  It grows within the society, building the contemporary human impression inside of us.

 Human beings and the city form one another in a reciprocal exchange. We shape the familiar and the temporary to create our own sense of place and personal maps.

An identity is not just a feature of the visual scene or a component of a beautiful place. It is a place itself, a bustling river of human impressions and a tense existence for its civilian products.

As different places have absorbed the scent of the Mediterranean, including Damascus, Beirut, and more recently Istanbul, they reflect the image of those who have lived around it for centuries. As a symbol of a civilization that grows with love for life, water serves as a memory keeper.

Art works
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